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 Time Management
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Introduction to Time Management is a self paced online course that will guide you on how to effectively and efficiently manage your time. Many people feel overwhelmed by the all the demands, distractions and interruptions of the working day, so time management is a very important skill to have in the modern workplace. This free online course will offer some suggestions for keeping the tide of external demands at bay and help you to develop a truly efficient routine and rhythm to your working day. Topics covered included the benefits of being organised, how to prioritise work and the importance of being in the right state of mind. This course offers the learner principles and suggestions to try out and which can be adapted to fit the circumstances of each individual. This free online course will be of great interest to all professionals and workers who feel that better time management skills will help them manage their working day more efficiently and effectively, and help them become more productive.


Having completed this course the learner will be able to: - Describe the benefits of being organized; - Describe how to prioritize work - Describe how to get in the right state of mind; - Describe the techniques of being organized.


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Module 1
Introduction To Time Management
Topic Learning Task Learning Mode Duration
What is Time Management Assignment Video 2   Minutes
Benefits of Being Organised Assignment Video 2   Minutes
The Key to Effective Time Management Assignment Video 2   Minutes
20/80 Time Management Assignment Video 2   Minutes
Using Parkinson's Law to Leverage Your Time Better Assignment Video 2   Minutes
Create Your Success Routine Assignment Video 2   Minutes
Module 2
Work Smarter Not Harder
Topic Learning Task Learning Mode Duration
The Power Of Focus Assignment Video 2   Minutes
How to Avoid Procrastination Assignment Video 3   Minutes
Achievement Goals Assignment Video 3   Minutes
Practicing Time Habits Assignment Video 3   Minutes
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