A SkillsGrow API connection seamlessly links your website/internal system to the SkillsGrow suite of courses with a single sign on. We can work with you to format reports that facilitate your needs. Connecting your Website to Ours! API - Application Programming Interface integrates the Skillsgrow website to your organisation's website, no need to sign on twice to study one of our many free courses. If you are a HR Manager, Business Owner or a Director this is an innovative way to harness the power of Skillsgrow online learning within your organisation.

Globally Skillsgrow allows large organisations and national and state workforce portals to integrate Skillsgrow Free Learning into their web offerings for members and staff. Skillsgrow’s growing portfolio of free online courses is empowering to upskill – individuals, corporations large and small, communities and whole countries. Skillsgrow has a standard API. After connecting a qualified engineer with our API team, it generally takes about two days to get up and running.

We have a standard integration cost of $500 for all clients worldwide. If the integration takes longer, further fees may apply for our additional engineering time, but rest assured, it is in our interest to get your learners up and running asap. When someone connects from your site to ours, they become a member of our site also and so will be subject to standard SkillsgrowTerms & Conditions. All information exchanged is permission based, and all learners introduced by you to our platform will be asked to confirm their understanding that they are entering a new website and system. Similarly, all learners will be asked to give us permission to provide back to you information about their learning activity. At all times, we strive to make sure our users are fully aware of the information they are providing and why we gathering it.

What you get with a Skillsgrow API:

Daily/Weekly/Monthly report on all learning activity generated by the traffic you send to the

Skillsgrow Free Learning Platform including the following statistics:

  • Number of Registrations
  • Number of Enrolments
  • Number of Course Completions
  • Number of Successful Graduations

If you have any further question, please contact our Business Enterprise Team on